Ambassadors for the Planet

Environmental Education Curriculum

Working with longtime partners, Starboard, Linzi is leading a project to build environmental education curriculum that combines design thinking, sustainability & experiential education. She's working alongside cartoonist Sarah Steenland to create the workbook & develop the program to be available both in print & online. After 10 months of curriculum development, Luke joined the team as Creative Director. The team have now partnered with the UN Technology & Innovation Lab, and will launch at the UN Climate Action Summit in NY, Sept 2019.

Our environmental education curriculum is based on seven core themes, and underpinned by design thinking and the values that we learn by spending time in nature.
It’s a choose-your-own-adventure curriculum : It can be implemented as a year long program or a flexible learning platform with a focus on experiential learning & outdoor education.

Our program starts with Design Thinking
Design Thinking is a powerful approach to creating innovative solutions for real world problems.
Championed by the likes of IDEO and Stanford University, Design Thinking provides a great opportunity to focus on vital skills like critical thinking and creativity. It also encourages curiosity, resilience and entrepreneurial ways of working.

And focuses on experiential learning
Inspired by educational innovators Sir Ken Robinson & Ricardo Semler. Our lessons are structured as ‘experiences’ and empower children to choose their own learning pathway & lean into their strengths.

And outdoor education
Kids who are connected to nature are more likely to protect it. So all our lessons can be taught outdoors in a way that encourages children to explore and discover the natural world around them.

We explore seven core themes - Climate change, protecting our oceans, biodiversity, sustainable living, rethinking design, happy & healthy & outdoor adventures.
And the values we learn from spending time in nature - Courage, respect, playfulness, curiosity, gratitude, kindness, determination & presence.
Each lesson is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

If you are interested in ordering Ambassadors for the Planet curriculum for your local school or you would like to become a facilitator please connect.

Luke Hosty