Dan Burgess




Dan is a change maker and a mash up
- Strategist, Creative Catalyst/Activist, Co- Designer, Dad. He has spent the last 20
years listening to the future and working creatively across music, mobile, technology and sustainability sectors with global brands, NGO’s, activists, artists, creative misfits, social entrepreneurs and grassroots innovators.
A creative maverick most alive working at the intersections of creative communication, design, social and eco innovation, sustainability, social & digital collaboration and nature connection. He uses open, life-centered design processes, deep questioning and listening and experiential learning to co-create new stories of purpose and possibility, build fixer brands, participation products, mobilise diverse networks for change and support courageous leaders to accelerate business unusual in pursuit of a more beautiful world.
He has an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility. He currently works across a portfolio of missions, as a consultant via the SpaceShip Earth project, innovation and collaboration unit WildLabs and creative generosity network Good for Nothing.



Policy & Legislation
Storytelling & Communication
Community Engagement


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