Gordon Middleton

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY


Gordon is an entrepreneur, videographer, graphic designer, and part-time sea creature. He grew up in North Carolina with a desire to explore the world around him. The ocean and rivers became his playground which carved out his passion for the environment.

After studying film and psychology at Cornell University, alongside Christian Shaw, he founded Plastic Tides in 2014, a USA 501c3 nonprofit focused on plastic pollution and sustainability. The organization grew organically from their collective drive and awareness to protect the environments that shaped their lives. Since 2014, Plastic Tides has grown into an international organization with ambassadors around the world and active initiatives in Philippines, New York City and the Netherlands.

Through pushing his limits on Plastic Tides expeditions, hosting ocean SUP races and Plastic Tides kids programmes, Gordon fosters the next generation of ocean guardians to actively engage in our challenge to protect our Oceans.



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