Josh Figgs

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Compass Coalition

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Josh is a two-time Emmy Award nominated television producer, with over 13 years of experience creating and developing hit TV shows. After Producing some of the most successful and popular unscripted franchises in television and working in development for Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest and BBC Worldwide, Josh is shifting his focus to creating breathtaking content for the travel industry.

Already an experienced world traveler, Josh’s television work took him all over the globe, gaining a greater appreciation for the endless gifts that this incredible planet has to offer. In this new endeavor, Josh is a true ambassador of adventure, inspiring others to take that trip they have always wanted to take and step outside of their comfort zone, because that’s when the real magic happens. Through the medium of visual content, Josh uses his storytelling skills, spirit of exploration, innovation and experimentation to raise awareness and connect the consumer with destinations they never dreamed were within reach.



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