Paul Hyman

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


Paul is a lifelong environmentalist and has been invloved in watersports and outdoor adventure activities since the age of 18. For many years he was a keen scuba diver, kayaker and underwater hockey player. Paul is a long standing BCU Level 3 coach. Between 1999 and 2009 he set up three London Canoe Clubs all of which are still active and continue to grow.

Paul set up Active360 in 2011 to establish SUP in London and bring together his love for water sports and passion for protection of marine environments. Through paddleboarding, Paul has instroduced many people first hand to the threats facing marine environments and encouraged many to become engaged in protecting rivers and oceans. Paul promotes environmental engagement in everything he does.

Paul has paddled in India, Greenland, Iceland, Myanmar, Scotland, Thailand, Slovenia and Sardinia but always loves to return home to the Thames where he feels most at home and on which he has spent much of his life.

In 2017 Paul set up Plastice Ocean Festival and in 2018 he became a co-founder of In The Drink - a scheme to replace single use plastic cups (a major and growing source of plastic pollution) in Thames waterside bars with re-usable alternatives.




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