International Surfing Day


Our goal at Protect Blue is to give ocean advocates the support, practical tools & community that enables them to have the greatest impact. So for us, International Surfing Day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with the next generation of ocean advocates and help them recognise the role they can play in protecting our ocean.

WSL Pure are doing incredible work globally in terms of ocean conservation - they’ve recognised that, as surfers, we’re at the front line of many of the issues and we have an opportunity to make a difference. It really is our responsibility, as a community, to help inspire, educate & catalyse action. 

Jersey has the capacity to be a leader in the ocean advocacy space - and events like this one really show the commitment on the ground (and in the water !) that islanders have to protecting our coastline. We’re really excited to continue working with the Jersey Surfboard Club and integrate more ocean literacy into their amazing work.

The Jersey Surfboard Club

In 1923, Nigel Oxenden formed the Island Surf Club of Jersey after learning to surf in South Africa, Australia and Hawaii, after the first World War. Nigel made his own wooden boards complete with rope leashes.
The Jersey surfboard Club was inaugurated in May/June 1959 with Peter Lea the driving force. The Club continued to thrive during the 70's and 80's with Dave Grimshaw as President. In recent years the Club has enjoyed a period of major growth and has hosted many of the British and European Championships.

Linzi Hawkin